Tender Information

We are excited to have partnered with ConstructConnect Canada to offer members a new, state of the art, Electronic Plans Room interface, CMD Leads.  The new interface will enable you to quickly and easily search and have access to more project opportunities that ever before!  With custom searches, you can identify the best opportunities for your business.  Members can find out what projects are available, who the potential bidders are, gain access to addenda, and bid results after tender close.


Education & Training

We recognize that the construction industry is a rapidly changing environment, which requires skills and training on current legislation, regulations, technologies, best practices and latest trends in the industry.  We make every effort to provide members, with opportunities for growth and skill advancement to help them succeed!



As a member of NLCA, you are part of a collective voice.  We play a very important role in advocacy for our member firms, addressing concerns that have an impact on the construction industry.  We have worked hard to build and foster strong relationships with other organizations and industry stakeholders.  We lobby with all levels of government; municipal, provincial, and national through the Canadian Construction Association.


Networking Opportunities

Networking can be an essential key to success!  Make the right connections in the industry and share information and ideas.  Our networking opportunities provide a great avenue to for you to build new relationships and help you identify new opportunities for your business.


Additional Resources

NLCA offers members a multitude of other benefits to help you grow and succeed!  From our weekly bulletin, marketing opportunities, competitive printing services and access to discounted essential contract documents published by the Canadian Construction Association and the Canadian Construction Documents Committee, not to mention a free Commissioner for Oaths service to sign these often-required documents!  We are always looking for new and innovative ways to expand and build on our services and serve you better.


We are always eager to hear new ways that we can help you grow. If you have an idea for a new service please fill out our contact form.

The Newfoundland & Labrador Construction Association offers a wide range of supports to our member firms and their employees. A small sample of our programs and services can be found below.

Construction Standard Documents

The Canadian Construction Association helps you simplify the way you conduct business and save time with its standard contract documents that are up-to-date, easy to understand and familiar to all parties.

CCDC Documents are developed through a consultative process with representatives from all sectors in the construction industry. These consensus-based documents carry the endorsement of the four constituent national organizations. A lawyer from the Canadian Bar Association, construction law section also sits as an ex-officio member of the committee.

To view a complete list of the Construction Standard Documents click the link.


Electronic Plansroom

The electronic plans room service provides around-the-clock online access to pre-bid, tender, and post-bid stage construction Project leads. It also includes full profiles on all Companies and Contacts listed on these projects, and fully featured Company and Contact searches.

The electronic plans room allows you to save searches based on your needs, and enable Email Alerts based on one or more Saved Searches. Any new or updated Projects matching your Saved Searches will be included in the respective Email Alerts.

Plans, Specifications, Addenda, and any other relevant project documents are included, whenever available, with the Project leads in the electronic plans room.

Lists of likely Bidders, Planholders, Invited Bidders, Designers, and Interested Parties are included on the Project page in the electronic plans room whenever available.


Networking Opportunities

We believe that spending time with colleagues, competitors and partners is crucial.  That is why we offer fun and interesting networking opportunities on a monthly basis.  Our most popular events include our golf tournaments, conference, lobster boil, magazine launch/Kitchen Party, and Christmas Party.

Learn More about how your firm can become more involved or attend, by clicking the link.


Information Hub

The NLCA is the central point to get information on anything happening in the construction industry.  We have information on projects, economic projections and trends as well as threats and opportunities that members need to know about.  Feel free to drop by the office or attend any of our weekly information sessions.


Weekly Bulletin

Our weekly Bulletin has become a staple in the commercial construction industry.  It is full of information that members need to know, including upcoming events, industry news, tender details and results, exciting developments and training opportunities.


Membership Directory

The NLCA Membership Directory lists all of the key industry players and can easily put you in contact with potential partners and clients.

View the complete Membership Directory, by clicking the link.


Social Media

We are actively promoting the work of our industry on social media.

Join our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NLCA1/ or follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/NLCA1. There’s something to learn about every day. Subscribe to our youtube channel by clicking here.


Construction Journal Launch

Our annual magazine shows exactly how professional our industry has become.  It highlights construction success stories, introduces construction leaders and offers a full directory of member firms.


Section & Committee Meetings

Our regular section meetings allow members from the same disciplines to share best practices, solve section-specific problems or simply network to discuss opportunities.  Whether you are a General Contractor or belong to the Mechanical, Electrical, Manufacturing/Suppliers, Trades Specialties or Heavy Civil sectors there is a place for your voice to be heard!.


Past Chairpersons Dinner

Each year the NLCA hosts a dinner for the Past Association Chairs.  We value this opportunity to learn from their experiences, seek their guidance and share the latest development with our organization.

Centre of Excellence

NLCA helps Build your Business Welcome to our Centre of Excellence!
NLCA has created a new training initiatives for your business, responding to the needs of its membership. NLCA’s Centre of Excellence provides opportunities to for practical training needed to enhance career development and align your skills directly with the needs of the commercial and industrial construction industry. Since the Centre’s official launch in April 2015, hundreds of individuals have received mentorship & training on relevant topics through our Centre.

In-class, webinar and video conferencing capacity allows you to learn from anywhere in the province or the world!

Learn More about our course offerings by clicking the link.


Distance E-Learning

Virtually all Centre of Excellence courses are available across the province or internationally through our distance learning platform.  According to our hundreds of distance participants it is “easy to use and makes you feel like being there”.

The NLCA has partnered with the CCA and BuildForce Canada to offer E-Learning courses that can be completed at any time.  Upon successful completion, all of them also award valuable Gold Seal credits.  

To view a complete list of our e-learning courses and the details click here


Centre of Ecovation

Centre of Ecovation is a centre of knowledge for NLCA members in innovation and environmental products and technologies for advancement in the commercial and industrial construction industry sector.

Learn More about this newest pillar of NLCA by clicking the link.


Gold Seal Program

As proud partners of the Gold Seal program http://www.goldsealcertification.com/ we strongly support members as they pursue this important designation.  We are also pleased to be an official Gold Seal Testing Centre.


Student Membership

Helping develop the Construction industry’s next generation is a key responsibility of the NLCA.  This is why we’ve introduced a Student Membership level and  constantly work with local post-secondary institutions to bring out the best in our newest workers.

Join as a Student Member – details coming soon!


U40 Mentorship Program

NLCA U40 (under 40) program is designed to provide an environment to build relationships within the construction community. This program will offer opportunity for individuals to enhance their professional development and lend itself to the leadership and mentorship opportunities that prove to be invaluable to both the individual and their respective company.

ROCK Awards A wide assortment of Member Awards are presented at our annual Conference.  We take time to recognize leaders in the industry and acknowledge the work of long-standing construction sector leaders.  Click here to learn more.
Annual Conference

The NLCA holds its annual Conference to showcase our industry.  It is a highly professional and entertaining event that is the highlight of each year.  We also showcase the latest and greatest industry innovations as part of our Exhibitors Trade Show.

Click here to learn more.

Scholarship Program The Association offers a wide range of scholarships each year to post-secondary students who have demonstrated excellence in their schooling and a commitment to their communities. Click here for details. 

Construction Standard Documents – click this link to view a complete list.

Commissioner of Oaths NLCA staff have Commissioner of Oaths status and will sign documents such as statutory declaration and other documents free of charge for NLCA members!  
Wireless Internet Access Our office offers free internet access to members while visiting the office.
Document Printing We can print off documents (drawings and specifications) in a wide range of sizes.  Please call the office for costing and other details.


The Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Association (NLCA) is a fully integrated member of the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) and, as such, all members of NLCA are members of CCA.

Becoming a Member

General Membership

*Includes full access to the Electronic Plansroom

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Professional Firms

Example: Architectural Firms, Insurance/Bonding Companies, Engineering Firms, Hotels etc…

*Firms in this category do not have access to the Electronic Plansroom

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Associate Members

A subsidiary company of a fully paid member firm

*Members in this category do not have voting rights

*Includes full access to the Electronic Plansroom

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Online: Click here to fill out the Online Membership Application

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Once you fill out the Membership Application Form, please fax it to our Head Office at (709) 754-3968. This is an Adobe Acrobat file. To read it you must have the Adobe Reader software. If you do not have this software, you may download it directly from Adobe website.