The Canadian Construction Association’s (CCA) Gold Seal Certification program establishes, administers and continuously improves national professional certification standards for construction management; certifies construction management professionals working in the industrial, commercial, institutional, and civil infrastructure sectors against these national standards; AND promotes accredited education and training for construction management professionals.

Gold Seal Certified (GSC) construction management professionals have attained the highest standard of excellence in the industry, have proven industry experience, and are held in the highest regard. Companies that employ GSC professionals are seen as leaders for their commitment to quality and excellence through education, training, and continual skill development.

The Gold Seal Certification program certifies Canadian construction management professionals.

NLCA is proud to be a gold seal preferred partner.

How to Apply
Canadian Construction Association

Applicants require a combination of industry experience, education, and training to challenge the Gold Seal exam and, if successful, to become Gold Seal Certified (GSC).

NEW! Competency self-assessment tool (mandatory for GSC applicants) to evaluate yourself against the competencies that are tested in the exam and to inform your training

NEW! Credit self-assessment tool to determine if you have enough credits for a GSC application and to understand how GSC applications are reviewed

Before submitting your program enrollment:

If you have questions, email after you have read our resources.