NLCA would like to thank and acknowledge the past chairs of our association for their time and dedication to the association and the industry.

Matthew Mallam
Matthew MallamOlympic Construction Limited
Patrick Lafreniere
Patrick Lafreniere2022-2023
Sandy Murphy
Sandy Murphy2021-2022
Craig Dover
Craig Dover2020-2021
James Loder
James Loder2019-2020
Rhonda Collings
Rhonda Collings 2017-2019
Stephen Hayward
Stephen Hayward2016-2017
Ed LeGrow
Ed LeGrow2015-2016
Kirk Saunders
Kirk Saunders 2014-2015
Kevin McEvoy
Kevin McEvoy 2013-2014
Brad Sheppard
Brad Sheppard 2012-2013
Keith McCarthy
Keith McCarthy 2011-2012
Frank Collins
Frank Collins 2010
Gina Tapper
Gina Tapper 2009
Keith Ryan
Keith Ryan 2008
Harry Bartlett
Harry Bartlett 2007
Scott Granville
Scott Granville 2006
John Sparkes
John Sparkes 2005
Jim Brown
Jim Brown 2004
Ron Hickey
Ron Hickey 2003
Derek Durdle
Derek Durdle 2002
Aubrey Drover
Aubrey Drover2001
Rick Cox
Rick Cox1999-2000
Ray Bavis
Ray Bavis 1998
Max Arnold
Max Arnold 1997
Gerald Scaplen
Gerald Scaplen 1995-1996
Karl Green
Karl Green 1994
Fred Cahill
Fred Cahill 1993
Hayward Pike
Hayward Pike1992
Frank Verge
Frank Verge 1991
Robert Scammell
Robert Scammell1990
Walter Collins
Walter Collins1989
Dave Noseworthy
Dave Noseworthy 1988
Carl Mallam
Carl Mallam 1987
Rick Spracklin
Rick Spracklin 1986
David Martin
David Martin 1985
Harold Mills
Harold Mills1984
Harry Manuel
Harry Manuel 1983
Owen Redfern
Owen Redfern 1982
Don Holden
Don Holden 1981
Roland Avery
Roland Avery 1980
Robert Gosse
Robert Gosse1979
Heber Bowering
Heber Bowering1978
John McCarthy
John McCarthy 1977
Dave Brown
Dave Brown 1976
John Furey
John Furey 1975
John Brake
John Brake1974
John Weger
John Weger1972-1973
Simon Lono
Simon Lono 1971-1972
Roy Parsons
Roy Parsons 1970-1971
Lloyd Cooke
Lloyd Cooke 1969-1970
Stuart Watson
Stuart Watson 1968-1969
Gordan Thomas
Gordan Thomas Chairman Construction Section, Board of Trade