Through NLCA’s partnership with BuildForce Canada, we are pleased to offer a variety of on-demand e-learning courses. BuildForce Canada is a national organization committed to the development of a highly-skilled construction workforce. One of our ongoing programs is the development of online courses.

All of their online courses are administered through local distributors, such as NLCA. In order to access any of the courses and complete your registration, you must contact a distributor (NLCA) to receive a course PIN number.

E-Learning at your finger tips with these easy steps:

Step 1: Contact your local distributor, NLCA at 709-753-8920 or email:
Step 2: Order your PIN# for any of the courses below
Step 3: Visit:
Step 4: Select the “Click to Register or Enroll” button on the Learners tile at the right
Step 5: Complete your account profile
Step 6: Complete course at your own pace

A certificate will be generated automatically upon successful completion.

Call today and order your PIN# for the following courses:

Course Outlines
Registration Instructions