IMPORTANT: Setting up your Predict Preferences (Profile) is critical because this is how you and your company are promoted to our network of general contractors.

The process for updating your Profile has changed.

Now, you can:

  • Find your Profile information under Predict Preferences
  • Simply click on your name in the top right-hand corner and select Predict Preferences.

Once you dive into your Profile, there are 7 different preferences you’ll need to complete:

  1. Trades – This tells general contractors the type of work you’re willing to do. You can search for your trades in 3 different ways: Scope of Work, Keyword, and Division.
  2. Service Area (previously known as Coverage Area) – This tells general contractors the geographic area in which you perform your work.
  3. Favorite Companies – Identify which construction companies you now work with and which ones you would like to work with. Selecting a “Favorite Company” means you’ll be notified when they’re added to a project.
  4. Building Use – Identify which types of construction projects your company prefers to work on.
  5. Project Status – Select the phase of construction you’re looking for—whether in planning, bidding, or even post-bid.
  6. Project Sector – Select if you are open to privately and/or publicly funded jobs.
  7. Project Value – Select the range of job sizes your willing to work on for all reporting trades—not just sub-trades.

TIP: These 7 characteristics will drive your Match Score and let general contractors in the ConstructConnect network know which type of work you perform. Plus, ConstructConnect will match all the projects in our network with these characteristics and provide a score—from 0 to 7—to help you prioritize the projects you find on the platform.