You can respond to Invitations to Bid in a couple of different ways:

  • Project Details Page – You’ll find a Bid Response ribbon under the project title. Here, you can provide your bid response to the general contractor who invited you
  • Bid Center – Moving the project to the “Bidding” or “Under Review” buckets will update your Bid Response and notify the general contractor—it’s that easy!

Here are helpful tips to find and respond to Invitations to Bid:

  • Look at the “Source” column on Bid Center to determine if the ITB was sent through ConstructConnect, sources outside of ConstructConnect, or shared with you from another user in ConstructConnect.
  • Click on the project name to review the project when receiving an ITB from sources through ConstructConnect.
  • Use the Bid Intent selection to respond to the Inviting Source if you are: Bidding, Not Bidding, or still Reviewing.
  • Look for the Bid Intent selector in the top right–hand corner of the project.
  • The project will be moved under the selected status once you’ve responded to the general contractor.
  • From a project details page, select “Back to Bid Center” to see a full view of your pipeline.
  • To locate a project, click on the Status that you responded to the general contractor.