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In episode 4 of the Building Newfoundland & Labrador podcast, we continue our conversations with a new lineup of industry professionals.

Valerie Penney is a Project Manager at RCS Construction with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to share with the next generation. Taking pride in the projects she works on, Valerie sheds light on the challenging, yet rewarding opportunities that the construction industry has to offer. In an industry of constant change, Valerie discusses the attraction of working in a world of possibilities while encouraging other females to follow in her footsteps.

Past Chair at the NLCA, Ed LeGrow is a seasoned professional with wise words for those entering the industry. Providing insight on the value of hard work, trust, reliability, and more, our conversation with Ed is one of detailed experience and inspirational fortitude.

Derek Brown is a Project Manager at The Cahill Group who loves mentoring as much as he loves learning. With a passion for his career, Derek serves as an incredible source of knowledge and education for the younger generation. Our conversation with Derek is enough to inspire anyone to pursue construction, but don’t take it from us, listen to Derek!

Carol Molloy of JSM Electrical Ltd. is a prime example of a powerful woman in the construction industry who conquered every obstacle in her path. Working hard, getting engaged, and looking for role models are her key pillars for success. As she encourages the next generation, Carol sheds light on the importance of diversity and the opportunity for young women to enter into an industry that is dedicated to providing guidance, mentorship, and support for all.