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In episode 2 of the Building Newfoundland & Labrador podcast, we continue our conversations with a new lineup of the best in the business.

With proficiencies in both project management and field engineering, David Cahill has garnered an extensive amount of experience in his time in the construction industry. Now as Senior Vice President of Operations at The Cahill Group, David sheds light on a number of topics including the importance of collaboration in commercial construction and how the NLCA plays a key role in facilitating it.

As a partner of Cox & Palmer, current NLCA board member Richard Gosse brings his legal expertise to the world of construction. Crediting his success to his authentic approach, Richard discusses the importance of a genuine attitude as you move through your career and discover what it is you love to do.

With almost 30 years of experience in the industry, Holly Hicks, Director of Special Projects at Vigilant Atlantic, discusses her involvement in helping the younger generation in construction. Holly also currently serves as the Education and Committee Training Chair at the NLCA, making her a key mentor for anyone looking to explore the construction industry who is eager to help those who are interested.

What started as a simple curiosity for how things were made, Matthew Mallam has now spent the last five years of his career in a leadership role as Project Manager with Olympic Construction Limited. Understanding the importance of guidance and mentorship, Matthew discusses the desire that members of the construction industry have to help others succeed, and how that helped him get to where he is today.