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In episode 1 of the Building Newfoundland & Labrador podcast, we kick it off with conversations from some of the best in the business.

With a passion for guidance and mentorship for the younger generation, our Board Chair Sandy Murphy provides encouraging insights into a career in construction and what it can do for you. With the ever-changing day-to-day operations and the people you meet along the way, Sandy is a voice of inspiration for youth looking for a field of work that is full of engaging, fulfilling opportunities.

Shedding light on innovation and the future of technology in the industry, Sourabh Dhawan talks about his experiences in the field and what the younger generation can expect to see. With Canada being one of the fastest-growing construction markets in the world, Sourabh makes sure to share his excitement for the future and all that it has to offer.

Mentorship and guidance are a virtue in the eyes of Vice-Chair Patrick Lafreniere. As he details his own experiences throughout his career, he makes sure to touch on all of the help he received along the way while encouraging those who are new to the industry to not be afraid of asking for it too.

Our strong-willed trailblazer, Central Director Candace Dominix shares her inspiring story of perseverance and self-confidence. With no association to the construction industry, she entered a field of work completely new to her and made a name for herself. Showcasing the importance of mentorship as well as availing of opportunities, she serves as a role model for anyone looking to embark into new territory like the construction industry.