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Weekly Construction News Bulletin Advertising Rates

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3.5” x 2.5”in size 7.0” x 2.5”in size 7.0” x 5.0”in size
4 issues for $ 225.00

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4 issues for $ 450.00

$ 112.50 per issue

4 issues for $ 900.00

$ 225.00 per issue

6 months (26 issues) for $ 1,000.00

$ 38.46 per issue

6 months (26 issues) for $ 2,000.00

$ 76.92 per issue

6 months (26 issues) for $ 4,000.00

$ 153.85 per issue

12 months (52 issues) for $ 1,800.00

$ 34.62 per issue

12 months (52 issues) for $ 3,600.00

$ 69.24 per issue

12 months (52 issues) for $ 7,200.00

$ 138.46 per issue

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One of the industry’s leading publications, our yearly publication features the pulse on the industry in our province.

Please contact the NLCA office for pricing and advertising opportunities for the upcoming publication.

If you have questions or require additional information, please contact Marlene Keats at mkeats@nlca.ca or Adelle Connors at aconnors@nlca.ca.