Zero Carbon Building Standard Half-day Workshop

Tuesday, October 22

12:30 – 4:00 p.m.


This course will introduce you to zero carbon buildings, with particular emphasis on the CaGBC’s Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) Standard. Participants will learn about the need for a carbon-focused building performance standard, as well as the difference between focusing on energy vs. carbon.


They will hear about the ZCB Framework, the Standard’s precursor and foundational report, including the CaGBC’s definition of a zero carbon building and the key principles that guided the Standard’s development. The course provides information on each of the key components and requirements of the Standard for both streams – ZCB-Design and ZCB-Performance.


This includes:

  • Achieving the Zero Carbon balance
  • Providing a Zero Carbon Transition Plan
  • Installing Minimum 5% Onsite Renewable Energy (ZCB-Design only)
  • Achieving a Thermal Energy Demand Intensity Target (ZCB-Design only)
  • Reporting Energy Use Intensity
  • Reporting Peak Energy Demand
  • Reporting Embodied Carbon


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Topic: Green Building