Close-Out of A Construction Project

Close-Out of A Construction Project

Friday, October 5, 2018 – 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

NLCA Office – Classroom, 397 Stavanger Drive, Suite 202

Guest Speaker: Lee Kelly, Constructing Minds Inc.

This full day session will discuss how the principles of organizing early, teamwork and communication work together to achieve a successful project close out.

Construction Project Close Out is organized into 5 basic phases:

  • Pre-Construction Close Out
  • Construction Close Out
  • Post Construction Close Out
  • Organizational Close Out
  • Subcontractor Close Out
  • Financial Close Out.

Each phase has its own processes and procedures that must be organized, put into place and executed. Using a manual, which includes spreadsheets, checklists and how to’s, participants will learn all of the steps in setting up a project to close it out successfully

Topics discussed will include:  O&M manual development and tracking, pre-construction meetings, commissioning planning, permits, deficiency, QA/QC management, Substantial Completion, Final Completion etc. Participants will be introduced to best practices and “tips and tricks” which will expedite and simplify the takeover of a project by its Owner from the Contractor, who managed the construction, so that the last 3% of the project is not 15% of the effort.


NLCA Members Subsidized Rate: $150.00 + hst

NLCA Members Non-Subsidized Rate: $450.00 +hst

MNL Members Rate: $467.75 + hst

Non- Members Rate: $550.00 +hst


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Guest Speaker: Lee Kelly, Constructing Minds Inc.