Building and Managing Customer Relationships – the Superintendents Role

Tuesday, October 1

9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Satisfied customers lead to profitable projects, repeat business, high performing teams, client referrals and testimonials, success stories that can be used in proposals and brochures, and a reputation for being a true professional.

As a superintendent, you are dealing with many different types of customers. Whether it is the end-client and their representatives, engineers and architects, municipal officials, trades and sub-trades, general contractors, or your own team, it is your job to understand and manage all of the different needs and expectations and lead the project to success.

When things go wrong on the construction site, you are the go-to person and you need to react quickly and professionally.

During this information-packed training session, you will explore the key competencies of customer service excellence and techniques to handle difficult situations and reduce stress on the construction site.



At this program’s conclusion, you should be able to:

  • Identify the benefits of delivering outstanding customer service
  • Understand the needs and expectations of different customers
  • Recognize barriers to the delivery of outstanding customer service
  • Determine satisfaction levels and take corrective action when needed
  • Learn what upsets people and what trigger phrases to avoid
  • Learn how to listen for the real problem and expected solution
  • Learn how to deal with or disarm angry or upset customers
  • Adapt your behaviour to other styles to produce better results
  • Develop a culture of service excellence on your team and in your organization



  • Professionalism, image and exceptional service
  • The six drivers of service excellence
  • Your role in building and managing customer relationships on the construction site
  • Working with different customers (trades, architects, general contractors, etc.)
  • Unpleasant experiences: what makes customers upset
  • What to do when you are upset
  • Key steps to calming upset customers with the three “R” system
  • Service recovery techniques
  • Quickly and accurately identifying the real problem and mutually acceptable solutions
  • The many benefits of overcoming customer service challenges


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Guest Speaker: Sylvie Thibault, Fairwinds Training & Development

Topic: Human Resources