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CCDC 29 – 2016 – A Guide to Pre-Qualification

This new standalone document provides a framework for selecting pre-qualified proponents to participate in the Request for Proposals stage of a two-stage procurement process, and for any project delivery method (including Design-Bid-Build, CM, Design-Build) and form of contract (Cost Plus, Stipulated Price, Unit Price).

CCDC 24 – 2016 – A Guide to Model Forms and Support Documents

A guide document to assist users of CCDC 2 – 2008 in meeting the administrative requirements outlined in that standard contract form.  For each model form the guide contains a brief explanation of each of the administrative processes involved, a short narrative description to guide users of the form, a list of items which should be included in the form, and an example of a model form.

CCDC 23 – 2005 – A Guide to Calling Bids and Awarding Construction Contracts

A guide document offering owners and consultants with recommended “best practices” for procuring construction services by means of a competitive process.  It includes model bid forms and supplements.

CCDC 22 – 2002 – A Guide to Construction Surety Bonds

A guide document explaining the surety bonding process and the purpose and function of the CCDC standard bond forms (i.e. CCDC 220, 221 and 222).

CCDC 21 – 2016 – A Guide to Construction Insurance

A guide document explaining construction insurance policies and requirements in CCDC contract forms.

CCDC 20 – 2008 – A Guide to the Use of CCDC 2 – 2008 Stipulated Price Contract

A guide document designed to assist users of CCDC 2 – 2008.

CCDC 18 – 2001 – Civil Works Contract

Standard prime contract between Owner and Contractor for civil works construction, e.g. roads, bridges, dams, underground utilities, etc.

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CCDC 17 – 2010 – Stipulated Price Contract for Trade Contractors on Construction Management Projects

Standard contract form between Owner and Trade Contractor to perform the Work for a single, pre-determined fixed price, regardless of the Trade Contractor’s actual costs.  It is specifically for use where the project is performed under the CCDC 5A Construction Management method of contracting.

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CCDC 15 – 2013 – Design Services Contract between Design-Builder and Consultant

Standard contract between Design-Builder and Consultant to perform the design services required under a  design-build contract between Owner and Design-Builder.

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CCDC 14 – 2013 – Design-Build Stipulated Price Contract

Standard prime contract between Owner and Design-Builder where the Design-Builder performs Design Services  and Construction under one agreement, for a single, pre-determined stipulated or fixed price.

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