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CCDC 10 – 2018 A Guide to Construction Project Delivery Methods

The choice of a delivery method is a crucial and strategic decision that should consider the needs of the owner, their organizational resources, and the needs of the project.

CCDC 10 identifies the issues that should be considered when selecting a project delivery method. It examines the characteristics and critical conditions for the following common project delivery methods: Design – bid – build; Design – build; Construction management for services; Construction management for services and construction; Integrated project delivery

CCDC 10 also includes a chart showing how different project delivery methods can affect the following common project issues if all critical conditions are met: Scope definition; Performance requirements; Schedule requirements; Costs; Allocation of human resources and construction expertise; Collaboration and communications

CCDC 00 – Master Specification for Division 00 – 2018: Procurement and Contracting Requirements

Provides a series of editable procurement and contracting templates. Spec notes are provided to explain the intended use of each section, assist the editing process, and indicate when coordination is required. Microsoft Word format is available to provide maximum editing flexibility.

CCDC Division 00 is organized according to Master Format section numbers and names: 00 11 13 Advertisement for Bids; 00 11 16 Letter of Invitation to Bid; 00 21 13 Instructions to Bidders; 00 31 00 Available Project Information; 00 41 13 Bid Form – Stipulated Price; 00 41 33 Bid Form – Cost Plus Fee; 00 41 43 Bid Form – Unit Price; 00 41 45 Bid Form – Combined Stipulated and Unit Price; 00 43 23 Bid Form Supplement – Alternative Prices; 00 51 00 Notice of Award 00 51 13 Letter to Unsuccessful Bidders

Users of the CCDC Master Specification for Division 00 are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with CCDC 23 as a companion document.

CCDC 30 – 2018 Integrated Project Delivery Contract

This addresses issues specific to integrated project delivery (IPD) projects including scope allocation, payments, changes, conflict management, termination, insurance and contract security, and liability allocation.

The pricing structure is cost plus with a target price. The profits of the design/construction team are identified and allocated to a risk pool that remains at risk subject to the achievement of mutually agreed project objectives.

CCDC 30 also outlines the project management structure of an IPD project including the senior management team, project management team and project implementation teams.
The roles and responsibilities of the parties are clearly defined in all phases of the IPD process: Validation phase; Design/procurement phase; Construction phase; and Warranty phase.

CCDC 12 – 1994 Project Financial Information

A model form to assist the Owner in showing that financial arrangements have been made to fulfill the Owner’s obligations under the contract (e.g. CCDC 2)

Available in hard copy format only.

CCA 83 – 2004: Environmental Best Practices Guide for Hot Mix Asphalt Plants

A guide providing owners and operators of hot mix asphalt plants with information and guidance related to the management of their plant assets in a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly fashion. The guide contains checklists that owners can use to improve their plant’s environmental performance.

CCA Human Resources Tool Kit

CCA Human Resources Toolkit: A Guide to Leadership in the Construction Industry

Designed to provide employers in the construction industry with practical guidance on human resources related issues, this toolkit includes explanations of key concepts, templates, and case studies. It contains modules on workforce planning, recruitment and selection, workforce engagement and performance, and a prescription for leading in changing times. Read more


The purchase of this hardcopy toolkit includes access to download over 50 forms and templates relating to finance and administration, health and safety, conduct and discipline, employment, strategic planning, and promoting careers in construction.

CCDC 222 – 2002 – Labour and Material Payment Bond

Standard surety labour and material payment bond form guaranteeing that the Contractor will satisfy all labour and material payment obligations incurred in performing the contract.

CCDC 221 – 2002 – Performance Bond

Standard surety performance bond form guaranteeing performance of the contract by the Contractor.

CCDC 220 – 2002 – Bid Bond

Standard surety bid bond form guaranteeing the bidder’s intention to enter into a formal contract and to provide the specified contract security if the bid is accepted.

CCDC 48 – 2002 – A Guide to the Use of CCDC 18 – 2002

A guide document designed to assist users of CCDC 18 – 2002 Civil Works Contract.